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Take Action


As this summer has shown, certain zip codes and communities of color are disproportionately burdened with society’s pollution, the pollution we all make, leading to disproportionate clustering of illness and death. This is not accidental but a result of decades of concerted action. It is a result of how we see and treat people. 

Our 5-week training program concluded but you can still take advantage of the content from this free, virtual, Environmental Justice Training Program.

  • Listen to Tamara Toles O’Laughlin’s talk on the History of Environmental Justice (EJ) and an EJ Framework here.
  • Listen to Rebecca Rehr’s talk on Environmental Health Disparities and Equity in Climate Solutions here.
  • Listen to Brooke Harper’s talk on Advocacy in Action and Key Climate Legislation here.

Review the full program here, including links to resources. Learn about the speakers here.


The Maryland Campaign for Environmental Human Rights hosts webinars on topics related to its campaign goals: environmental health, environmental justice, and public health. Upcoming webinars will be posted here or sign up for email updates to receive webinar invitations to watch live. Previously recorded Zoom webinars are now available on the MDEHR YouTube channel. Our latest webinar features the University of Maryland’s Environmental Law Clinic and the review of recent state environmental justice laws and case law that use state constitutional environmental rights amendments. Watch the webinar below. View the slides here.


The Maryland Campaign for Environmental Human Rights is committed to taking action and advocating for change in existing environmental laws and policies and working in a coalition to support new environmental health and justice laws. Petitions and other legislative and regulatory actions will be posted here. Sign up for email updates to learn about the latest advocacy campaigns.


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Personal stories are at the heart of our work. We all have very personal reasons for why we choose to give of our time and energy to advocate. Stories help connect us, motivate us, and inspire others. Check out our Stories page here. Connect with us on Twitter @mdehr4all.


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