This We Know

We, the people of Maryland, 
are grateful for the life of the earth; 
for we know we are the earth.
From the shores of the Chesapeake to the Allegheny Mountains,
all that surrounds us flows in us:
The energy from our Sun,
The waters from the heavens,
The plants from the soil, and
The breath from the forests and the seas.

Our earthly home, in Maryland, 
is an intricate network that supports our life. 
We know the workings of the earth
 and the works of humanity are forever interwoven.
We, as all people before us, have made changes – large and small – to the land and our waters. 
Yet, in the length of one lifetime, 
we have recklessly damaged the health of the earth through:
Our growing numbers,
Our unrestrained appetites
Our technological capacity, and
Our callous indifference to the life forces of earth.
And through it all, 
we have made those least responsible for earth’s degradation suffer the most dire consequences.

This We Believe

Despite all this, we know we are able to change 
and shape new dreams. 
Our power comes from knowing 
we have made positive change before. 
We can focus humanity’s wisdom, technology, kindness, and strength towards creating a vibrant future. 
We see that a such a future for all people of Maryland requires:
Clean water in streams, rivers, lakes, bays and oceans filled with life, 
Healthy soil that supports plants of all kinds,
Healthful air to fill lungs of every being, and 
A healthy environment for all people.

This We Resolve

So, we honor our interdependence with the 
land, air, water, and people, present and future. 
We know that we have no separate fortunes. 
We have only one common destiny. 
We therefore pledge in Maryland 
to care for and connect with each other,
be partners and stewards of our natural environment,
and acknowledge our interdependence 
with each other and our natural environment. 

We acknowledge the inspiration from John Ciekot whose wisdom informed this pledge.