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Webinar on Oct 25 – Climate & Your Mental Health

You are invited! On Tuesday, October 25 at 7pm, MDEHR and the Maryland League of Conservation Voters are hosting a webinar focused on Climate & Your Mental Health. Our speakers are Rebecca Rehr, Director of Climate Policy and Justice with MDLCV and Dr. Jon Gorman, Psychologist with the Towson Therapy Group.

We are now routinely experiencing the impact of climate change physically from extreme heat during the summer, to more severe storms and sunny day flooding. But there is also evidence that show climate change is also impacting our mental health. Join us for a conversation about how climate change affects our feelings, impacts our mental health, and ways we can cope.

Join us on October 25 at 7pm! RSVP here.


Join us in supporting the Environmental Human Rights Amendment. Read the petition here and add your name!

It is a moral imperative to protect the basic human dignity of having a healthful environment. Environmental pollution and degradation is disproportionately concentrated in communities of color and low income neighborhoods, which results in health disparities and increased rates of chronic heart and lung disorders, cancer and now covid19. A constitutional right would empower Marylanders, state and local governments to protect and defend this right. A constitutional right would be the foundation for improved laws and regulations, and act as a true guardrail to prevent the most egregious forms of harmful actions now and for future generations, providing environmental justice in our state.



Do you value the fundamental human right to clean air, clean water, healthy soil, and a stable climate? Do you want to legally require our state and local government to protect our public natural resources, on behalf of current and future generations? Then join us in advocating to pass a constitutional amendment to protect the people’s right to a healthful environment in Maryland.

Changing our state constiution will take many voices working together to persuade the Maryland General Assembly to put this on the ballot in 2022. Volunteer to be an advocate.

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Learn More ~ Webinars

MDEHR is committed to educating the public, the environmental community, and legislators about environmental human rights and the state constitutional amendment that would protect these rights. MDEHR also hosts webinars about advocacy, environmentla justice, environmental rights, environmental rights constitutional amendments, and environmental policy. You can view a listing of on demand recordings at www.mdehr.org/actions/webinars.

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MDEHR in collaboration with the Central Maryland Ecumenical Council, GreenGrace (Maryland Episcopal Environmental Partners), and the DE-MD Lutheran Synod co-hosted Environmental Justice Training. This 5-week program featured three webinars led by environmental advocates on the history of environmental justice, environmental health disparities and climate justice, and advocacy in action. MDEHR added a fourth webinar with Mariah Davis, Policy and Campaign Manager with Choose Clean Water Coalition on how to be an effective ally. You can watch the recording here.

Watch the first three webinars on the history of environmental justice, environmental health disparities and climate justice, and advocacy in action on the MDEHR YouTube channel.

A program description and a list of environmental justice and advocacy resources are available here.


Volunteers are essential to our work and success. Many voices joined together in support of a single goal are both powerful and empowering. MDEHR is looking for volunteers to educate community groups, state and local representatives, create and share social media posts, blog, and research.

We can’t do this alone. We need your hands and your voice to pass the environmental human rights amendment in Maryland. Sign up to volunteer here.

A shout out of thanks to our wonderful volunteers and advisors who are giving their time, energy and talents to this cause.