Jan 24 MEPA@50 Briefing

MEPA@50 Briefing – Jan 24

Maryland memorialized each person’s right to a healthful environment in the Maryland Environmental Policy Act of 1973. 

Join MDEHR on Tuesday, January 24 at 7pm on Zoom as we share our plans for the 2023 legislative session. RSVP here.

Nina Beth Cardin, Director of the Maryland Campaign for Environmental Human Rights, will speak about the importance of the 50th anniversary of MEPA. How does MEPA fit into the broader work on human rights and the environment? What are the highlights of this policy and where is there more work to be done? How do we invite our Governor, our State, and our Legislature to recommit in the development and implementation of environmental laws and policies to the principles of MEPA? 

There is good trouble to be had in 2023 and we hope you will join us! RSVP here.