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Introduction to the Environmental Human Rights Amendment and Environmental Justice

Environmental Human Rights Webinars

Feb 22 Faith Rally in support of Environmental Human Rights Amendment
Delegate Wanika Fisher and Senator Will Smith Rally Supporters of the Environmental Human Rights Amendment, January 2022
Alexandria Casteel, Environmental Justice in Baltimore City, November 2021

James May and Erin Daly, Dignity and Environmental Human Rights, October 2021
Delegate Fisher and Franklin Kury, The People’s Right to a Healthy Environment, October 2021

Student Action Panel for Environmental Rights, March 2021
Amendment Stakeholder Call, January 2021
Recent Environmental Justice Laws and State Constitutional Amendments, UMD Environmental Law Clinic, November 2020

Environmental Policy Webinars

MEPA – Maryland Environmental Policy Act, 2020
Environmental Justice in State Government, 2020

Environmental Justice Training Webinars

History of Environmental Justice, 2020
How to be an Ally, 2021

Environmental Health and Climate Justice, 2020
Advocacy and Climate Justice, 2020