How to Pass a Constitutional Amendment

How to Pass a Constitutional Amendment?

Here are the steps:

  • The amendment is introduced as a bill in the General Assembly and must be voted on by them. It must pass with at least a 3/5ths majority in the House and the Senate in one legislative session. (This differs from other states – New York, for instance, needs two legislative sessions, but here it’s just one.)
  • After the amendment successfully receives its 3/5ths majority, it goes directly to referendum in the next general election. Voters then get to decide whether it is passed.
  • Note: The governor has nothing to do with this process. Only the legislature and voters are involved in passing/approving constitutional amendments.

Who have been the amendment sponsors?

In previous years, our primary bill sponsors have been:

  • 2019: Delegate Stephen Lafferty (Baltimore County)
  • 2020: Delegate Vaughn Stewart (Montgomery County)
  • 2021: Delegate Wanika Fisher and Senator Obie Patterson (Prince George’s County)
  • 2022: Delegate Wanika Fisher (Prince George’s County), and Senator Will Smith, Jr. (Montgomery County)