Democracy and the EHR Amendment

Voting is not the only role of citizens in a democracy. In addition to selecting our representatives in federal, state and local jurisdictions, a healthy democracy encourages public participation. And we the people need to inform our representatives about our concerns and priorities so that the laws and regulations that are established balance the needs of the economy with the needs of residents and the environment that sustains human, animal and marine life. 

As we celebrate Independence Day this weekend and the re-emergence of public life post-pandemic, now is a great time to consider what is most important to us as residents of Maryland. What do you value in your life and in your community? What human rights are critical to enable Marylanders to thrive and grow to their full potential? 

At the Maryland Campaign for Environmental Human Rights (MDEHR), we prioritize our human right to a healthful environment, including clean air, water, land and a stable climate. We prioritize protecting Maryland’s public natural resources for current and future generations.

The human race is challenged more than ever before to demonstrate our mastery, not over nature but of ourselves.” – Rachel Carson

This is our human challenge to balance our mastery over ourselves, the choices we make, and how we manage our shared public natural resources.: the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land we use to grow food. These are all natural resources that humans need to sustain human life. How are we taking care of them? How are we taking care of each other?

Join MDEHR in advocating to amend our state constitution’s Bill of Rights section to protect the right to a healthful environment in Maryland. We thank all of you who have advocated for this environmental human rights amendment and invite those who haven’t to join us in this work. Advocacy comes in many forms. It is as simple as writing to your state representatives about why protecting the right to a healthful environment is important to you. It can also include educating friends and neighbors about why you care about a healthful environment.  You may have children or grandchildren who you want to be able to enjoy the same pleasures in nature that you knew growing up. You may live in a part of the state that is fighting air or water pollution in your neighborhood. You may be a young person who is distressed over an uncertain future caused by climate change. Your personal stories matter, and your representative and neighbors need to hear them. 

It is critical to our success in passing this amendment to have an educated public who will help educate their legislators, friends and neighbors. MDEHR is planning an ambassador training in the fall. More details will be shared later in August. Sign up for email updates to learn more. Get social with us on Twitter and Instagram to help spread the word.