Support the Environmental Human Rights Amendment

Why we need the right to a healthful environment in Maryland

Our air, land, water, and ecosystems

are vital to the health of Marylanders —

Yet our government DOES NOT have

the right to protect Maryland’s natural resources on our behalf

Maryland needs a constitutional right to a healthful environment that provides tools for government, gives the people the ability to holds them accountable when needed, and works to reverse our most egregious harms

“There is a difference between regulations, which address a particular issue, and a right, which is all encompassing. An environmental human rights amendment would “create a structure in which people’s environmental rights need to be taken into consideration”, Fisher said.”

Delegate Wanika Fisher, Bay Journal

Protect each person’s

right to a healthful environment

in the Maryland state constitution

What is the Environmental Human Rights Amendment?

The proposed Environmental Human Rights Amendment will:

  • Create a constitutional right to a healthful environment, on par with other protected civil rights like freedom of speech and freedom of religion
  • Give our state government and elected officials a constitutional obligation to be a trustee of Maryland’s natural resources, including its air, water, lands, wildlife and ecosystems (insert something about giving them tools to do this)

Embedding this right in the Declaration of Rights section of our state constitution protects this right on par with other rights, like the freedom of speech. It is a legal tool for both people and government to use.

  • For the government and its agencies, it is a tool to strengthen their ability to prevent harm and guide decisions, policies and legislation to protect Maryland’s natural resources and the health of the public who depend on them.
  • For the people, it is a way to hold state government accountable when government action or inaction infringes on this right.

We can’t do this alone.

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We, the people of Maryland, call on the Maryland General Assembly to pass the Environmental Human Rights Amendment, and add this amendment to the 2024 general election ballot, for current and future generations.