Why do we need the right to a healthful environment in Maryland?

Our air, land, water, and ecosystems are vital to the health of Marylanders. Yet, our current environmental laws and policies do not legally protect our fundamental right to a healthful environment, provide our government with the tools to protect this right, or prevent the most egregious harm.

Marylanders have the fundamental right to a healthful environment but in reality, a polluted environment is harming public health

What does this mean? Our current system has allowed the creation of sacrifice zones in residential communities across Maryland, including Curtis Bay, Brandywine, Lothian, Prince George’s County, Calvert County, Worcester County, Somerset County and many more. In addition, our current system does not consider the needs of future generations when deciding how Maryland’s natural resources will be used today.

The Environmental Human Rights Amendment

to the Maryland Constitution

What is the Environmental Human Rights Amendment?

The proposed Environmental Human Rights Amendment will:

  • Create a constitutional right to a healthful environment in Maryland’s Declaration of Rights, on par with other protected civil rights like freedom of speech and freedom of religion; strengthen government’s ability to protect the environment on behalf of all of its residents; and establish a legal right to hold government accountable when necessary
  • Make our elected officials trustees of Maryland’s natural resources, including its air, water, lands, wildlife and ecosystems, and thus legally obligated to protect these resources on behalf of current and future generations

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