Personal Stories About Protecting Clean Air and Water

MDEHR puts the spotlight on personal stories to explain why protecting the right to a healthful environment and a stable climate is essential for Marylanders to thrive.

Featured Story: Monica Brooks and the fight against CAFOs on the Eastern Shore

Our featured story this month is from Monica Brooks. Monica Brooks lives with her family on Maryland’s Eastern Shore in Wicomico County. When she moved there, she found out that 13 CAFO’s (concentrated animal feeding operations) were planned to be placed near her home and on top of their water source. Right away, Monica and other local residents founded the community group, Concerned Citizens Against Industrial CAFOs (CCAIC) to fight against this proposal. She shares the negative impacts that poultry waste has had on her community and why clean water and air are important to protect for current and future generations. You can watch her video story on Instagram here. MDEHR will be posting more video clips of Monica’s interview on our social channels this month. MDEHR is grateful to Monica Brooks for sharing her personal story. Follow MDEHR on Instagram and Twitter so you don’t miss any of these videos.    

Over the next couple of weeks, MDEHR will also be blogging and posting insights from the Environmental Integrity Projects’s research report on Industrial CAFOs (Commercial Animal Feeding Operations) on our social channels. It is important to understand the implications of these operations on the food we eat, the health of the residents who live near them, and the health of the environment downwind and downstream from them.

Additional personal stories

You can view video stories from Niya KhanjarAlex and Thomas Moberly with the Sunrise Movement, about the need for a healthful environment and stable climate on our Instagram channel. MDEHR thanks Madeline Buscone, our Communications Intern, who interviewed Monica and Niya. We appreciate her work in using our social media channels as a platform to share personal stories about why protecting the right to a healthful environment and stable climate is an urgent need in Maryland.    

Do you have a personal story about why it is important to you to protect clean air and clean water? Get in touch with MDEHR at Personal stories are the key to educating our communities and our representatives about why the right to a healthful environment is essential for a sustainable and thriving life in Maryland. Follow our campaign and sign the pledge!